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multiworld multi-game randomizer

Welcome to Archipelago!

This is a cross-game modification system which randomizes different games, then uses the result to build a single unified multi-player game. Items from one game may be present in another, and you will need your fellow players to find items you need in their games to help you complete your own.

This project is the cumulative effort of many talented people. Together, they have spent countless hours creating a huge repository of source code which has turned our crazy idea into a reality.

Splatsune manually maintains the additional custom worlds added to this instance - they are not part of the Archipelago team. That said, please ping them if you wish to see a third-party .apworld updated or added here!

You can help keep this instance open by donating toward server costs on Liberapay.

rando.thegeneral.chat is regularly updated to the most recent source code and contains you can find information on updates to each world at the community-maintained Archipelago News page.

Read the setup guide for these worlds (where possible) before deciding to run these, as you may need to run a pre-release or source version of the Archipelago software.

For help regarding these additional worlds (support or documentation that may not be in the world files yet), find the game within the Discord server under Development -> #future-game-design.

2 games were generated and 2 were hosted in the last 7 days.